The stewards of Mount Desert Island regional collections, united as The History Trust, work together to improve collections care, enhance digital and physical access, and engage the public to better understand and use these essential, irreplaceable historical and cultural resources.

History Trust Mission

Our vision is . . .

With the ability to access and contribute to the stories of Mount Desert Island region, historians, students, teachers, families, and other stakeholders of local history will enrich our understanding of this region’s place in time and geography. Through the portals of the History Trust more citizens and leaders can apply historical perspective to modern issues. When reminded how Mount Desert Island, with its natural beauty and with its roots in farming and maritime trades, has inspired both Acadia National Park and world-class scientific research, we see how history strengthens a community’s ability to contribute to economic development. We leave a legacy shaped by deep appreciation for historical literacy and collaboration.

We believe:

  • historical collections should be a community resource;
  • collaboration is key to identifying historical resources and making them accessible through a joint digital archives platform and improved physical access;
  • we stewards of our historical resources help our partners preserve the many strands of the story for future generations;
  • working together, we can define and enact standards of provenance, cataloguing, and care to be accountable to present and future generations;
  • openness, inclusivity, and positivity are hallmarks of our success together.

Mission, vision, and values as modified and adopted 18 February 2020.

Coastal Maine’s Acadia Region

A Governing Member organization of The History Trust must steward historical collections related to Mount Desert Island, Maine, and its surrounding islands; and carry out its work in a community adjacent to the waters of Blue Hill Bay to the west or Frenchman Bay to the east.

The History Trust Bylaws, adopted 15 October 2020.

Communities of Coastal Maine’s Acadia Region:
Bar Harbor, Blue Hill, Brooklin, Cranberry Isles, Ellsworth, Frenchboro, Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Mount Desert, Sorrento, Southwest Harbor, Sullivan, Surry, Swans Island, Tremont, Trenton, and Winter Harbor.
(From Google Earth — Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Landstat/Coperinicus.)

Header Image: “A Souvenir of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island published by W.H. Sherman, Printer and Stationer,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, …view item