Do you remember Hitty, from the book Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field? She is a small, wooden doll who traveled the world. Did you know that Hitty was carved of Mountain Ash by a peddler for a little girl on Great Cranberry Island?

carved woodend doll

Find out more about Hitty on Digital Archive.  There seem to be quite a few dolls who have applied to be the Hitty out on Great Cranberry! Take a look at some of them: Just search on: “Hitty.”

Never read the book? Think about borrowing it from The Jesup Memorial Library ⇗. They have a copy. Or, they can inter-library loan you a biography of author Rachel Brown.

Header Photo: “Tiny Hitty Nameless doll by Eric Horne,” Great Cranberry Island Historical Society…view item »