Collaborating is key to the success of The History Trust. Here are ways we can learn from each other to preserve and share our collections.

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Collaboration and Communities of Practice

It’s a good idea to join professional organizations, first local then regional and national organizations as budgets allows. The following three are a good start for History Trust members, and each has annual dues based on the size of an organization’s budget. It’s a great way to learn!

  • Maine Archives & Museums ⇗ – Collecting institutions of all kinds, and their directors, staff, and volunteers, are encouraged to join (
  • NEMA ⇗New England Museum Association is good for a wide range of organizations, small to large, various types of museums (
  • AASLH ⇗American Association for State & Local History is probably the best national organization for a small, local historical society (

Preserving and Sharing Collections

Wondering about collections care and management, or how to share your collections with the public? Here’s info to help.

  • Preserve Collections – Resources recommended by the History Trust collections committee and “Stewardship Notes” prepared for History Trust members.
  • Share History – Help making historical collections available to all.

The following links were offered in a New England Museum Association 2020 workshop.

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