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How to share historical resources with the community, including students, family historians, and each other.

History Outreach Tips

“History Outreach Tips” are learning resources developed especially for History Trust members.

NOTE: Learning resources are currently being developed.

Digital Archive

A major initiative of The History Trust is sharing members’ historical collections through an online application called Digital Archive. Skills and knowledge to effectively use the virtual archive are needed to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared history, a major goal of The History Trust.

  • Learn Digital Archive – Quick “How To” help for any Digital Archive user, and more technical “Archivist Notes” for History Trust members.

From the National Archives of the US and UK

  • Docs Teach ⇗ – Creating your own interactive learning activities for teaching with documents (
  • Educator Resources ⇗ for Virtual and At-Home Learning (
  • Outreach ⇗ – Examples of projects to make collections relevant and accessible to wider groups of people (

Building Digital Capacity

  • Museum Learning Hub ⇗ from Digital Empowerment Project ( Learning resource specifically focused on digital media and technology capacity-building.

More Resources

  • Collaborate – Links about working together.
  • Preserve Collections – Links and other resources recommended by the History Trust collections committee.
  • Share History – Help using Digital Archive and other ways to make historical collections available to all.